February 12

Lunch & Learn

Lunch at 11:30, Program at 11:45


1835 Rose Street

Ethical Leadership:

The Importance of Civic Virtue

Rick Kyte 

Director, D. B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

Board President, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin


Lee Rasch

Executive Director of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin

Rick Kyte will speak about civic virtue and its role in developing the strength of communities and nations. Lee Rasch will provide an overview of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to promoting ethical leadership among elected officials. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin members believe that ethical leaders are

  • honest and truthful,

  • transparent with public information,

  • unifiers rather than dividers, and

  • representatives of their entire constituency, rather than just the simple majority that may vote for them.

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