A friendly reminder of Rules and Regulations for the Maple Leaf Parade: 

Order of Appearance

The Oktoberfest Parade Review Committee will determine the order of appearance for Float or Specialty Units in the Maple Leaf and/or Torchlight parades. The order is determined to establish variety, as well as best utilization of the participants.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Oktoberfest Parade Review Committee plans to proceed with the parade, rain or shine. Should inclement weather occur prior to a parade, then the Festival Officials will determine if it is sufficiently severe to cancel or delay the parade. You may decline to march your Float or Specialty Unit when weather threatens to damage uniforms, props or instruments. No refunds will be available due to inclement weather.


  • Floats and tow vehicles cannot exceed height 20’ from ground level.

  • It is strongly suggested that all motorized units provide at least two volunteers to walk alongside your unit. These volunteers should monitor the parade route to insure the unit can proceed safely without interference.

  • All drivers must be licensed and adequately trained to drive their assigned unit.

  • At least one 4-pound dry chemical or one 10-pound carbon dioxide fire extinguisher must be placed within easy reach of the driver of the unit.

  • No “go cart” type vehicle, miniature race cars, or school buses will be allowed in the parades.

  • Vehicles must be illuminated for acceptance in the Torchlight Parade.

  • Schools are allowed one support vehicle following their marching unit and should visually represent their school and/or community.

Unit Appearance

All motorized units in the Maple Leaf Parade must incorporate the use of parade decorations on their individual unit as much as possible. Decorations include, but are not limited to, fringing, skirting, garland, etc.

All units that appear in the Torchlight Parade must incorporate the use of lights wherever possible. This includes portable lights or lighting for costumed marchers and equestrian units as well as lighting for the vehicles.

Distribution of Materials

No samples or materials of any kind can be thrown, tossed, presented, given or otherwise distributed from the float/specialty unit while on the parade route. Such actions are a safety hazard.   No items shall be thrown or tossed, but must be handed out from the sidelines.  Failure to comply will result in suspension from future parades. 

Code of Conduct

Individuals and organizations participating in Oktoberfest parades are expected to perform courteously, in good taste and with safety in mind at all times during the assembly, execution, and dispersal of the parades.

No alcoholic beverages of any kind will be allowed on or with the unit either in the staging area or along the parade routes. The consumption of any alcoholic beverage by any participant is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted by the City of La Crosse Police Department under Wisconsin State Statues. If this happens, the unit will be pulled and towed from the parade, and the operator will also be arrested.  The insurance company will be informed, and the unit will not be asked back by the Oktoberfest Parade Review Committee. (Please note: Oktoberfest will not issue any refunds if your unit is not allowed to participate or is removed from the parade route.)

Assembly Area

Your float or specialty unit should report to the assembly area two (2) hours prior to the parade start time. This information will be mailed along with your acceptance notice prior to the festival as to the time and location for your arrival. Float or specialty support vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, and trailers must be promptly unloaded and proceed to the dispersal parking area. Once the float or specialty unit is in position in the line-up area, the driver must be in attendance at all times and available to move the unit as necessary.

First aid kits are accessible in the line-up area, as well as at dispersal.

Parade Movement

The Oktoberfest Parade Review Committee has worked very hard to make sure that the parade route is free of interruptions; therefore, there will be no counter marching or maneuvering in any form by any unit which will create any type of gap. All maneuvering, choreography, and marching styles must be performed while moving forward. Any special effect drills that comply with the above statement must also be executed at a speed necessary to maintain the specified distances between parade units. All movements must occur on parade route – parade participants may not enter spectator crowd for any reason.  Failure to comply will disqualify bands from being judged and may be suspended from future parades.

Dispersal Area

Continue moving throughout dispersal until parade personnel shows you where to stop. No exceptions. Float or specialty members should not walk or march back through the parade route after disbanding. A First Aid tent will be on hand at the parade finish should any of your members require medical assistance. Water and Gatorade is available at the dispersal area for Marching Bands.


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