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Audit Once Again Shows the Integrity of Our Elections

Scott Robert Shaw | Published on 12/5/2022

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It was the final step to wrap up the November election. La Crosse County conducted an audit of its voting equipment. This happens after every election to ensure that the voting machines we used were working properly. Not surprisingly, they did. Not one discrepancy was found. That has been the case in every audit La Crosse County has conducted. Yet we continue to hear claims that our elections are somehow rigged, or stolen, or ripe for fraud. Nonsense. On the contrary, our elections are safe and secure. The results were tabulated properly, the votes canvassed and the election certified. We had observers at the polls on election day and there was zero evidence of fraud. In the sheriff’s race, ballots in 13 wards in the city of La Crosse were recounted, and after that hand count the result changed by just one vote. Our system works. It has been proven over and over. Next time you head to your polling place to cast a ballot, you can do so knowing that thanks to the integrity of our election workers, your vote will be counted properly, and you can trust the outcome of the election.